Brighton Mindfulness Centre offers a wide range of Mindfulness courses, many of which are not available in the same format anywhere else. We offer workshops, and seminars on mindful-living topics to help support all levels of practice. If somebody prefers to be taught mindfulness in the comfort of their own home, that can be arranged.


Our aim is to take mindfulness to as many people as need it.


Jon Wilde Brighton Mindfulness Teacher

Jon Wilde, Mindfulness Teacher

Jon Wilde

Jon is a fully-qualified mindfulness teacher through Sussex Partnership, and runs various mindfulness courses. He has made the unusual journey from celebrity interviewer to fully qualified mindfulness teacher. Since beginning his mindfulness practice, he has made the transition from a life of near constant anxiety and frequent depression to one that is defined by stillness, self-compassion and quiet joy. His teaching is driven by the belief that, with a commitment to mindfulness practice, everybody’s life has the potential to be similarly transformed, whatever their circumstances. Read Jon’s Story

Gerard Evans

Gerard Evans

Gerard Evans

Gerard is fully qualified in teaching both Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Wellbeing In The Workplace. When he discovered mindfulness, whilst looking for ways to treat his diabetes, he found the part of the jigsaw that made everything else fall into place.

After undergoing a radical transformation in the way he looked at the world, he resolved to set up a centre where he could help as many other people as possible also reap the benefits. Read Gerard’s  story

gerard evans meditation mindfulness qualifiedgerard evans wellbeing in the workplace Brighton certificate


martina watts nutritionist

Martina Watts

Martina Watts MSc Nut Med

Martina is our resident nutritionist and is a Registered Nutritional Therapist in Brighton, UK and Editor of “Nutrition and Mental Health. An essential guide to the relationship between diet and mental health” and “Nutrition and Addiction. Supporting recovery from food and substance misuse with nutritional and lifestyle interventions.” Both  books are published by Pavilion Publishing Ltd. For more inspiration on how the food you eat can promote your health, also see her latest book “49 Ways To Eat Yourself Well” (published by Step Beach Press Ltd) at

For Nutritional Therapy consultations please email Martina direct at


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