An in-depth interview with psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner Andy Darling in August 2016.Over the course of this fascinating hour, Andy talks about how his life transformed from an unsatisfying career in media and TV (Pets Win Prizes!), to becoming a psychotherapist and meditator.Subjects covered include:
– the crossover between mindfulness and psychotherapy
– can mindfulness be used as part of a psychotherapists toolkit?
– are there any clashes between mindfulness and psychotherapy?
– problems with the way mindfulness is taught
– the problems with learning mindfulness in groups
– hippies and how old punks deal with prejudices against them
– punk rock and meditation (becoming a theme recently in this series!)
– the clash between neo-liberalism and neuroscience
– the clash between neo-liberalism and progress
– Herman Hesse
– the hemispheres of the brain
– those distracting thoughts you have when meditating – where do they come from?
– life before and after (during) meditation
– celebrities, ego and dukkha
– mindfulness being fashionable
– sleep like states during meditation
– fear of saying I love you
– loving kindness
– compassion is kindness with backbone
– the 3 emotion regulatory systems of the brain and how one is far too big in most people
– the genius of Les Dawson
– the need for humans, as mammals, to connect with each other
– the books of John Gray (the UK philosopher who wrote Straw Dogs, not the other one)
– is there space for God in mindfulness?
– the ethics of Buddhism removed from mindfulness
– mindfulness and shyness

All crammed into 57 absorbing minutes.

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