Mike Kewley Interview 2016

Mindfulness teacher Mike Kewley interview by Gerard Evans from Brighton Mindfulness Centre, in association with Everyday Mindfulness. Mike's website is at Mike Kewley is a Teacher of Mindfulness based on the Isle of Man where he offers courses, workshops, retreats and private sessions. He has been a practitioner of meditation for over 18 years [...]

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Andy Darling Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Interview 2016

An in-depth interview with psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner Andy Darling in August 2016.Over the course of this fascinating hour, Andy talks about how his life transformed from an unsatisfying career in media and TV (Pets Win Prizes!), to becoming a psychotherapist and meditator.Subjects covered include: - the crossover between mindfulness and psychotherapy - can mindfulness [...]

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Benefits Of Meditation – The Scientific Evidence

Meditation Research The health benefits of mindfulness have been known for thousands of years, and in recent times, science has been testing the claims for the benefits of mindfulness meditation and meditation in general. A certain amount of scepticism in life is a healthy thing, so if you - like me when I started - would [...]

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Escaping the everyday oppression of adult life

When we are children, we are (for the most part) given the space to be alive. As adults however, it's so easy to become consumed by endless thoughts and worries to the point where we don't leave space for anything else. We deny ourselves the actual feeling of being alive, replacing it with a constant [...]

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5 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

Some days will be better than others, there's no question about that and no way you can control all events. you can, however, do your best to control your reactions to them. So here are some suggestions to turn a bad day around. 1. Take Time Out First things first, it's time to press the [...]

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