Jason Garner Interview 2016

Fascinating Jason Garner interview by Gerard Evans from Brighton Mindfulness Centre, in association with Everyday Mindfulness. Jason's website is here: http://jasongarner.com where he describes his journey thus: "FORMER FORTUNE 500 COMPANY exec's journey from a life of matter to a life that matters. He shares the lessons gained on his rise from flea market parking [...]

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Rose Elliot Interview November 2016

Rose Elliot Interview by Gerard Evans from Brighton Mindfulness Centre, in association with Everyday Mindfulness. https://brightonmindfulnesscentre.com http://everyday-mindfulness.org In the interview, Rose talks of her upbringing at White Eagle Lodge and of the comfort that mindfulness techniques and breathing have brought her through difficult times. Rose Elliot MBE is also Britain’s foremost vegetarian cookery writer and [...]

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Andy Darling Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Interview 2016

An in-depth interview with psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner Andy Darling in August 2016.Over the course of this fascinating hour, Andy talks about how his life transformed from an unsatisfying career in media and TV (Pets Win Prizes!), to becoming a psychotherapist and meditator.Subjects covered include: - the crossover between mindfulness and psychotherapy - can mindfulness [...]

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Jon Wilde Mindfulness Interview – The Mindful Pilgrim

The first interview for the website, lots more to follow. Please share with people you think might be interested. Ex-Loaded journalist Jon Wilde talks about his new calling teaching mindfulness and how his journey came about - from writing for lads magazine Loaded to his new calling as the Mindful Pilgrim. Jon plans to spend [...]

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Always Touched By Your Presence…

  In the course of a normal day, we often have the most fleeting of interactions with people - the bus driver, the man or woman in the supermarket checkout, the person on the other end of the phone, the human behind the bank counter, the beggar on the street. All of these moments are [...]

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Escaping the everyday oppression of adult life

When we are children, we are (for the most part) given the space to be alive. As adults however, it's so easy to become consumed by endless thoughts and worries to the point where we don't leave space for anything else. We deny ourselves the actual feeling of being alive, replacing it with a constant [...]

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5 Ways To Turn A Bad Day Around

Some days will be better than others, there's no question about that and no way you can control all events. you can, however, do your best to control your reactions to them. So here are some suggestions to turn a bad day around. 1. Take Time Out First things first, it's time to press the [...]

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How Meditation Changes Your Brain And Body

A new report has confirmed that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and increase resistance to various diseases. A touch of scepticism can be a healthy thing. It is, after all, the defence mechanism that stops us falling for the myriad of scams out there on the internet. So, scientific research (when carried out without agenda)  is [...]

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