When we are children, we are (for the most part) given the space to be alive.

As adults however, it’s so easy to become consumed by endless thoughts and worries to the point where we don’t leave space for anything else. We deny ourselves the actual feeling of being alive, replacing it with a constant stream of doing and thinking. It’s a crazy dis-ease, and one that has become so prevalent in the West that we have even become to think of it as “normal”.

All too often – and understandably in the circumstances – this dis-ease, denied even the concept of itself, leaves us yearning for me. That feeling at the back of your mind that there must be more to life than this. So we go looking, seeking. So many times in the wrong places – we seek that feeling through drink and drugs, extreme sports, overly loud music, sex addiction. We seek it in other people, particularly partners (“they make me happy”) and then in the ensuing drama when relationships don’t always bring yo the everything you wanted from them.

Finding space in your life can be achieved through regular mindfulness and meditation practices. Feeling that space again can be a wondrous revelation. That magic you used to feel as a child needn’t be lost forever, because that magic was simply space and the wonder that fills it. It’s the same space that creativity comes from. If this is all new to you, you can try my freeĀ 9 day introductory course – just 10 minutes or so a day to see what I’m going on about! Just CLICK HERE to register for free.