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Great news!

We’re going to start rolling out Mindfulness Courses for Hassocks and surrounding Sussex areas in the very near future.

To this end, we present a free taster session on Weds 6th Dec at 7.30pm in JJ’s Cafe, Station Approach:


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Mindfulness Courses Hassocks

Really looking forward to meeting the good folks of Hassocks! We will be offering 8 week mindfulness group courses, meetups, taster sessions and our popular one-to-one course in the comfort of your own home.

We are renowned for being friendly, informal and down to earth in our approach. We also teach mindfulness in a completely secular manner – you don’t need to have any special beliefs and you don’t need to lose any of your present beliefs either.

What You Will Learn

  • How to de-stress anywhere and anytime in under 3 minutes
  • How to deal with anxious thoughts and feelings
  • How to use meditation to relax and fall asleep
  • What meditation is and how it works
  • The 5 biggest difficulties and how to overcome them
  • The 3 attitudes you need for meditation to work

All presented in our usual no-nonsense, down-to-earth style. You’ll learn techniques that are scientifically-proven to help you successfully deal with anxiety, stress, shyness, pain and physical illness. If you are presently suffering with any of these ailments, or indeed any others, we’ll show you effective, gentle ways of coping, all delivered with a big emphasis on self-compassion and loving-kindness.

If you’re interested in this, please follow our dedicated Mindfulness Hassocks Facebook page for regular updates and news of when we start.

To learn more about where are coming from and the scientific research into mindfulness, please also check out the following pages:

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Our Mindfulness Courses

Aside from our Mindfulness Courses Hassocks (details to be announced), you can also immediately book our online course or one-to-one mindfulness courses:

Online Course – The Turning Point, A Course In Skilful Living

One-to-one Course

mindfulness courses hassocks

Mindfulness courses Hassocks coming soon!