The first in a series of Mindfulness question and answer sessions where experts come together to answer questions about Mindfulness for beginners and the well-practised alike.

Questions answered in Session One video (above) – click on the links for written transcription of the answers.

What is Mindfulness?

Is Mindfulness a spiritual practice?

Can you learn Mindfulness from a book?

How do I learn Mindfulness?

Mindfulness and goals

Is it necessary to meditate? (After Ruby Wax)

Is Mindfulness goal-orientated?

Mindfulness body scans are boring

Mindfulness and concentration

In this session, Gerard Evans is joined by Jon Wilde and Andy Darling.

The second Mindfulness FAQ features Gerard Evans talking to Jon Wilde about a range of questions about Mindfulness. Talking points include:

What equipment do you need for Mindfulness?

How long before Mindfulness works?

How do Mindfulness Skype courses work?

What is a body scan?

How does paying attention to brushing my teeth help?

I keep getting distracted during meditation – what am I doing wrong?

Is it helpful to meditate to music?

How long before it makes a difference?