Mindfulness For Beginners Course – starts Tuesday 24 Jan 2017, 7-9pm

Special HALF-PRICE OFFER – just £70

Suitable for complete beginners and people looking to deepen their practice.

A simple introduction to a profoundly better way of living – 
Discover the beauty of a mindful life in just six evening classes


6 weeks every Tuesday night from Tues 24th Jan – Tues 28th Feb, 7-9pm


Central Brighton:

Underneath Made Brighton
66 / 67 North Rd,

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£140 Half Price: £70
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To book or for more information, ring Gerard on 07786 157 763 or book above

Our popular  Mindfulness course consists of six 2 hour evening classes at our Brighton Mindfulness Centre in North Rd, Brighton, just a few minutes walk from Brighton Station.  These Mindfulness classes will give you all the tools that you need to bring Mindful self-awareness into the stresses and strains of everyday living. It’s a simple step by step programme to help you learn to quieten your mind, to de-stress to find some inner space and to get the most from your everyday life.

Each course member will additionally receive weekly workbooks to use as “homework”, where you can enjoy applying mindfulness to all manner of everyday situations using simple but profoundly effective techniques that have been modernised for the present day from centuries of accumulataed wisdom.

Our mindfulness courses are very popular book early to avoid disappointment.

To book or for more information, ring Gerard on 07786 157 763, or book below:

To be honest, I was a little nervous about doing a mindfulness course. I’d tried quite a few different things to conquer my social anxiety which began with panic attacks in my teenage years and continued in one shape or form through my twenties and thirties. What I loved about the course was that Jon led me gently from one stage to the other so that I never felt I was wading into deep water.

I found the teaching to be very supportive all the day and it was conducted in a warm and welcoming environment.

The difference it has made to my life is huge.

Now that I’ve had such a firm grounding in mindfulness practice, I’m confident that I can continue to be mindful in my life.

The course I did with Jon was such a pleasant surprise. I came to it with the idea that I needed to relax a bit more. I had the idea that mindfulness was all about relaxing and stopping your thoughts. Well I do feel a lot more relaxed now but I also realise that mindfulness is not about stopping thoughts. It’s more about realising a different way of being. Having done the course I feel a lot different about everything. I’m much more at ease in my own body. I’m happier in my work (graphic designer). I feel a lot closer to nature. I no longer spend my life looking back to the past and worrying about the future. I live life a lot more in the moment. That feels great. I’d highly recommend Jon as a teacher and highly recommend the Brighton Mindfulness Centre as a venue in which to learn about the practice. Thank you.

Annie, Lewes

I really warmed to Jon as a teacher and got a lot out of the course, far more than I expected.

For a long time I’d been feeling that something wasn’t right in my life but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Jon helped me see that I very rarely lived in the moment. It was like I’d been living most of my live inside my own head.

I now feel so much more connected. To my own feelings. To my body. To other people. To the world in general.

I’m really glad I took the plunge and did the course. I now meditate daily.

I think it’s changed my life in an important way and I’ll always be grateful for that. In a few months I think I’ll be ready to do a graduate course. I’m excited about that.

Joan, Wivelsfield

I hardly knew anything about my mindfulness. My girlfriend saw the Brighton Mindfulness Centre course advertised and encouraged me to enrol on the 8-week course. It took me a couple of weeks to get over my cynicism but then the penny dropped. I starting to get the hang of the practice and even started enjoying the home practice of meditations. My life feels a lot lighter now. I worry less. My girlfriend tells me I’m a lot easier to live with. I hope I can stick with it because it seems to be doing me a lot of good.

Eric, Brighton

Nice premises. Good teacher. Good course (eight weeks). I thought it was going to be dry and boring like the CBT course I did in 2013 to help with my depression. But Jon makes it very enjoyable. He explains things in an accessible way without being too serious. After a couple of weeks I realised I was looking forward to the sessions a lot. I haven’t had depression since the course finished and I take that as a sign that I should continue with meditation.

Nice one!

Paula, Seaford