A fascinating interview with Netherlands-based yoga teacher Nick Evans. We hear Nick’s story, from growing up in Wales and an unlikely dalliance with anarcho-punk Class War band the Living Legends, to running Elemental Records and tasting financial success and business class flights across the Atlantic.

Then Nick was diagnosed with cancer and life changed. He tells of his recovery and subsequent journey into ashtanga yoga, spending years in India and other places around the world studying alongside other notables, such as Mike D from the Beastie Boys and Miles from Napalm Death.

The interview draws on many of Nick’s contacts and experiences, all the way from Killing Joke, Glastonbury Festival and Crass to ashtanga yoga gurus and tai chi, homing in on the similarities between the feeling he got from punk and the feeling he gets from yoga.

Now based in the De Yoga Studio in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Nick teaches yoga all over he world.

He can be reached on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/nick.evans.946954