An 8-week multimedia online mindfulness course suitable for beginners with personal mentoring, complete with specially calibrated nutritional advice.

About This Course

‘The Turning Point course was easy to navigate, hugely enjoyable, and proved to be completely life-changing for me. Signing up to it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.’ (Daniel Cooper, Weston-Super-Mare)

This 8-week course with renowned mindfulness teacher Jon Wilde is a multimedia, online mindfulness course ideal for beginners and for those who wish to reconnect with their meditation practice.

This Course Includes:

  • A personal mentoring session with Jon himself
  • 8 weekly 30-45 minute audio mindfulness lessons
  • 8 carefully calibrated nutritional advice lessons from Martina Watts
  • Supplemental weekly PDF pamphlets, underlining the main principles of the course
  • Weekly homework files to enhance and deepen your practice
  • Guided meditations (Audio)
  • a selection of carefully chosen videos to augment your experience even more
  • Lifetime access to the Ninth Week course – our massive resource including many hours of further guided meditations and chats with experts in mindfulness and associated fields – updated weekly

Weekly Lessons

Just Noticing

Nutrition and Mindfulness

Honing Awareness

Nutrition – Mindful Hydration

The Breathing Space

Nutrition – Mindfulness Before Meals

Meditation In Motion

Nutrition – Minding Your Microbiome


Nutrition – Plants Do Matter For The Mind


Nutrition – Be Mindful Of Sugar

Resting In Awareness

Nutrition – Building The Foundations For Your Mind

Everyday Mindfulness

Nutrition – Ten Strategies To Support A Healthy Mind

Turning Point Recap

What You’ll Learn/The Benefits

Over the eight weeks you will be expertly grounded in mindfulness, a simple but highly effective meditation-based practice geared towards being fully present in our lives rather than drifting on auto-pilot.

Whatever your condition, whatever your situation, whatever your age or background, this mindfulness course will help you:

  • To live without the weight of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem and social awkwardness.
  • To relate to pain and suffering in a much more balanced way.
  • To relate to yourself, others and the whole external world in a more liberated, compassionate way.
  • To respond to problems and difficulties far more skillfully.
  • To eat more nutritiously and put the joy back into mealtimes 
  • To live a far more wakeful, healthier, happier life.

Take A Peak!

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Mindfulness eight week course week one free preview

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Join Now for £47

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