What We Offer

Mindfulness-based wellbeing and resilience for your staff

We’ll give your staff training and techniques they can use for the rest of the their lives. Equipped with interactive exercises, workbooks, postcards and year-long access to our exclusive online mindfulness course, we’ll go through a selection of the following modules:

  • how to spot stress – the mind / body connection
  • endorphins v cortisols – what’s happening in the body
  • cultivating mindfulness
  • cultivating self-compassion
  • the benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • developing a skilful mind
  • the benefits of mindful exercise and a healthy diet with mindful eating
  • five ways to wellness
  • exercising your happiness muscles – an attitude of gratitude


Each participant will get a free workbook, enabling them to take the information and techniques we offer and benefit from them for the rest of their lives. We also bring along postcards full of useful reminders – these can be left around the workplace to remind people how to maintain wellness and happiness.

wellbeing workplace workbooks


We offer a variety of packages, which can be tailored to deliver the optimum benefit to your staff. Packages include:

  • one day
  • half day
  • one hour

We are also happy to discuss bespoke session lengths if you require something of a longer nature. Just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to discuss that with you.

For maximum benefits, we recommend keeping groups to a maximum of 12 people if possible. So if you have, say, 60 employees who’d like to participate, and wanted the one-hour slot, we recommend teaching the course five times to 12 people each.

Why you need workplace wellbeing:

  • better health, both physical and mental
  • a more positive attitude
  • fewer days missed through sick leave
  • enjoying work more, leading to an improved motivation and application to work
  • a better self-image
  • less time lost to sick leave
  • a happier and healthier workforce
  • a better corporate image leading to better job applicants
  • a 25-40% reduction in absenteeism
  • less workplace friction
  • less workplace stress
  • greater staff retention
  • 140 million working days are lost each year to absence through sickness in the UK
  • this costs an estimated £29 billion to UK businesses
  • mental ill health is estimated to cost UK business £26 billion per year
  • reduced productivity due to attending work while sick is estimated to cost employers an average of £605 per employee per year

Who is this for?

Our wellbeing course will benefit everyone who takes advantage of it, and indirectly everyone who comes into contact with them! Everything we teach is secular, meaning it is suitable for people of all religions and people of no religion. Everything we teach is backed up by solid scientific research.

Who we are

jon wilde mindfulness teacher

Jon Wilde is a fully qualified mindfulness teacher via Sussex Partnership.

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gerard evans wellbeing coach
Gerard Evans is a fully qualified Wellbeing in the Workplace and Mindfulness teacher via Smart Foundations.

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Both teachers have public liability insurance up to £5 million.

Get in touch

Just give Gerard a call on 0778 615 7763 and he’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements and book you in for an experience your company will never forget, giving your staff skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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